RBI uses only high-quality Rain Bird components, the most trusted, reliable products in the industry.

Rain Bird is the #1 manufacturer of irrigation parts and has been for many years.  Installed properly Rain Bird parts last 3 to 5 years longer than competitor’s components.

When we design and troubleshoot sprinkler systems, we always keep in mind the worst-case scenario. For example, during weeks of drought, when there is stress on the water supply and water pressure decreases, your sprinkler system will still perform the way it did when we installed it.

We use the following components and safety mechanisms to preserve the life of your system:


Installing Sprinkler Heads


Pressure regulated sprinkler heads with rain curtain technology ensures superior water coverage and even distribution

Misting and wasteful overspray is reduced. This increases efficiency of the system which results in greener grass and less dry spots.

These sprinkler heads allow for shut off which gives us more control over how much water an area is getting when working on your system while it is running.


Swing joints are flexible connectors that help protect heads and pipes from damage by equipment.

That means you can even drive a car over them.  

They are less prone to breakage and keep dirt from entering the system. Since dirt is the enemy of your sprinkler system, it’s important to keep the dirt out.  

Sprinkler heads connected to swing joints are less likely to fail, maintenance costs are reduced, and less water is wasted from broken irrigation systems.

Because of their flexibility and structural integrity, they hold up to ground movements. Ground movements occur all the time, especially in winter when the ground freezes.




Digging is kept to a minimum to reduce cleanup. RB Irrigation is careful to dig only where needed, where pipes won’t get pierced with routine lawn maintenance such as core aeration.


Installing Drip Irrigation


Drip irrigation is the best way to provide water to trees shrubs and plants in beds.

It promotes healthy plant growth with low water usage.

We use high quality Rain Bird drip tubing which is self-cleaning and has a copper inserts to prevent roots from growing into the drip system.  This ensures the drip system never clogs.

We install our drip systems in a loop layout with multiple feeds to provide equal watering throughout the drip zone. Therefore, if one area is cut all other areas are still getting water. 

We loop the tubing around plants in a spiral which makes it easier to expand the drip as plants grow.




Wiring is a crucial factor in maintaining the integrity of your system.

We use heavier grade wire which ensures proper operation of the system components and prevents moisture from affecting it.  

If the wire gets exposed to moisture, electricity is lost into the ground and the efficiency of the system will be reduced.

We make sure all connections are waterproofed.

We use color codes in the wiring system which helps with trouble shooting to quickly evaluate what the issue is.


Water Conservation


RB Irrigation takes water conservation seriously.

We are an EPA WaterSense Partner.

In addition to providing you with the systems to ensure a beautiful, healthy property, we help you to CONSERVE WATER and SAVE MONEY.


Smart Technology


For maximum irrigation system efficiency, we offer smart technology solutions such as WiFi controllers and rain sensors.  You will have more time for enjoyment and travel and have peace of mind knowing that your landscape investment is well protected.