Discover the RB Irrigation Difference

The RB Irrigation Difference

Our mission is to ensure that our clients get the best products and services when it comes to landscape sprinkler needs.

Specializing in Landscape Irrigation

Rather than being a small fish in a large pond, RB Irrigation specializes in landscape irrigation. When you work with RB Irrigation, you know that you are working with a company that focuses on all aspects of landscape irrigation – not an add-on to a larger company that “does it all.” It’s this specialization and all that goes with it, that makes RB Irrigation the service-oriented company that it is.

Tailored Maintenance Plans

To ensure that you get the service to best meet your needs, we have created different maintenance plans. These maintenance plans offer the services that best fit your individual needs, as opposed to a one-size fits all plan.

Optimized Results

When it comes to the actual services, RB Irrigation has developed procedures and processes to ensure that your irrigation system parts last as long as possible. In doing so, RBI addresses your system zone-by-zone. Our specially trained crew takes the time and care to address each and every zone on your property. With this approach, we will not only make sure your parts last longer, but we will also ensure that the right amount of water goes to the various areas of your landscape. This means that the areas needing the most water will get what they need without over-watering those areas of your landscape that need less water.

President of Irrigation Association of NY

In 2018 and 2019, our president, RB Boyle has served as the president of the Irrigation Association of NY (IANY). The IANY established in 1985, is a professional organization of contractors representing all specialties and disciplines of New York State’s irrigation industry. It aims to foster development and economic advancement for its members, and to promote water conservation through efficient irrigation practices and products.