Contact An Expert To Plan Your Irrigation System

It is important to analyze your landscape when planning an irrigation system.  Bring in an expert early on to analyze exactly what your property needs.  The expert will help you make decisions that will benefit you and your property, saving headaches and money.  The following will be taken into consideration and carried out:

  • You will need to know the location where sleeving will be needed for access under walks and driveways.
  • Timers and rain sensors should be installed outside so there is less reason for technicians to go into your home.
  • Coordination with an electrician, well company or water district may be needed.
  • A good irrigation contractor will work closely with a landscaper to ensure that the project moves along smoothly and that the irrigation system goes in at the right time.

Remember, the goal is to install an irrigation system that will be functionally well designed and not be seen until it is turned on. For more info visit RB Irrigation