Quality Time

Are your flowers getting more attention than your family these days?

Would you like more freedom from lugging hoses around your yard?  After reading this article, you will have learned that conserving water can actually save you time.   RB Irrigation has the technology, called drip and microdrip irrigation, to help your thirsty plants and flowers get all the water they require during the hot months ahead, while you can spend time on other activities that you need to do, and enjoy doing.

One of the most important aspects of this type of irrigation is that drip irrigation and microdrip systems use 20-50% less water than conventional sprinkler systems.  Microdrip systems are effective even in areas of water scarcity.  Since water is allowed to drip slowly onto roots, this decreases evaporation and gives the plant time to drink the water.  This slower application of water to the roots of plants allows them to grow faster.

“This slower application of water to the roots of plants allows them to grow faster.”

Watersense, a program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, promotes more water efficient products and services.  Some of the benefits include:  minimized fertilizer and nutrient loss because of localized application, safe use of recycled water, and very uniform distribution of water controlled by output of each nozzle.

Groups of plants with special watering needs, potted flowers and plants, or a vegetable garden can benefit from drip irrigation.  These systems are adaptable to plants within the same zone that do not have the same watering needs.  Drip emitters can be easily added or subtracted if necessary.  For example, you can have your thirsty hydrangea set up with several emitters while your more independent juniper nearby in the same planting bed can be set up with one emitter.

If you want more quality time with your family, install drip and microdrip irrigation on your property.  By having a drip irrigation system, you’ll be saving valuable time, growing beautiful plants and contributing to the environment by conserving water, all at the same time!

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