LongHouse Reserve and Bridge Gardens

Beautiful Places to Visit

RBI is a proud to provide irrigation to LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton and Bridge Gardens in Bridgehampton. These beautiful, expansive properties with their colorful and artistic displays and seasonal events are great places to visit, relax and connect with nature on a summer day. Please check their websites for the dates and times they are open.

LongHouse Reserve is a 16-acre reserve in East Hampton Township’s great Northwest Woods with more than 60 contemporary sculptures featuring pieces from Buckminster Fuller, Yoko Ono and Willem de Kooning to name a few.  LongHouse embraces a comprehensive view of art; the gardens present the designed landscape as an art form.

A five-acre gem in the heart of Bridgehampton is Peconic Land Trust’s Bridge Gardens, a unique public and demonstration garden with mysterious hedgerows, a wide variety of perennial and annual flowers and shrubs, and a unique 4-quadrant herb garden featuring culinary, medicinal, ornamental, and textile/dye plants.

Your own property can also be an ideal place to escape life’s stresses and connect with nature.  There are outdoor improvements you can make to increase your enjoyment and relaxation such as a garden sanctuary for yoga and/or meditation.

One idea for your garden sanctuary would be to add privacy shrubs aka “green fences” to define the space. A “green” living wall can soften and add visual interest to a fence, retaining wall, pergola, arbor, trellis or latticework. Pretty fragrant plants like climbing rose, clematis, gardenia and wisteria vines will add to the calming atmosphere.

Your new garden sanctuary will need care, so make sure your new plantings are properly maintained by your irrigation system.

Whenever you make changes to your property with new plantings, flowers, trees and shrubs, give us a call as changes or additions may be needed to your sprinkler system.

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