Meditation Garden – Your New Outdoor Retreat

Since we are spending so much time at home, you have probably thought about outdoor improvements that could be made for your enjoyment and relaxation.

One way to bring calm and serenity into your outdoor space would be to create a garden sanctuary for yoga, meditation and/or relaxation.

When deciding where you want to build your garden retreat, there are some factors to consider.  Find a suitable location and think about what time of day you will be utilizing the space. Remember to factor in the movement of the sun so you are not bothered by excessive heat. You can also incorporate shade with trees, greenery or the addition of a canopy,.

Make a pathway of stone, gravel, bricks, or pavers that leads to a seating area with comfortable plush seating, a porch swing or hammock.

A water feature, such as a fountain, pond or bird bath can add to the soothing atmosphere. Many fountains and bird baths are solar powered and available in many sizes and styles. 

To create a secluded spot, add privacy shrubs aka “green fences”. Arborvitae and Boxwoods are good choices as they are green year-round. They can define a space, hide an unsightly view and help drown out noises.

Choose plants that will create a calm, quiet zone and that are preferably water-wise meaning they look great, conserve water and require less maintenance.  Your property retreat can take on any theme you prefer. For example, a traditional Japanese garden, with Japanese maples for aesthetic appeal and cherry trees which symbolize new beginnings and good fortune, florals such as lavender and sandalwood plants whose aromas encourage rejuvenation and relaxation and ferns which symbolize eternal youth.

Don’t forget to add lights so your retreat can be enjoyed when darkness falls.

Though your garden refuge may only be a few steps from your house, it serves as a welcoming retreat to unwind and de-stress.

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