Maintenance Plan for “Lawngevity”

It has been shown that regular maintenance of your irrigation system will ensure its operation at peak performance and irrigation system components will last longer.  A regularly maintained irrigation system will prevent water waste, reduce pollution from run-off and over-irrigation, and improve plant health by applying the correct amount of water where it can be utilized by the landscape.  

Several problems can affect the efficiency of your system: 

  • Misaligned heads result in overwatering parts of the landscape and brown spots in other areas of the landscape. 
  • Overspray, also known as runoff, can result in poor distribution uniformity, overwatering, and runoff on hardscapes. 
  • High pressure causes problems such as misting from spray heads and which results in poor coverage and potential damage to the irrigation system.
  • Failure of heads to pop-up or rotate is often a symptom of low water pressure.  Low pressure can also result in poor coverage and dry spots in the landscape. 

In addition to regular maintenance, there are products available to increase the efficiency of your system.

Protect Your Investment

RB Irrigation has been providing professional lawn sprinkler systems and irrigation solutions on Eastern Long Island since 1999. We use only high-quality products and labor procedures to ensure optimum lawn sprinkler system performance and customer satisfaction. We only staff the most reliable and professional lawn sprinkler system specialists, ensuring that our customers are getting the best service available. RB Irrigation is licensed and insured and serves Eastern Suffolk, including East Hampton, Southampton, Bridgehampton, Westhampton and Montauk, NY.

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