Salt spray damage after hurricanes

A storms strong winds can carry spray from waters to land, splashing the surrounding area with sea salt. Unfortunately, the salty solution mist settles onto leaves and then into the soil once the excess water volume has decreased. Salt residue can seep into the root systems of trees, plants and turf, leaving them brittle, brown and desperate for hydration.

Salt spray burns the leaves on affected trees and turns the leaves' edges brown, a sign that the trees' root systems are suffering. When little to no rain occurs, the salt remains in the soil. It is necessary to supply additional irrigation to benefit those severely moisture-deprived roots.

We at RB Irrigation can help determine how much and for how long additional watering is needed for plants and trees that suffered salt spray damage.   Too much watering can cause root rot.

Salt spray exposure not only causes landscape disfigurement but can result in reduced growth and plant death. Consistent monitoring of your property’s irrigation system may be critical for months after a hurricane to ensure the health of your property.