Lawn Brown Spots

What causes brown spots on lawns or turf? 

Some reasons for lawn brown spots are; dull mower blades, disease, fungus, drought stress, soil compaction, insects or improper watering.

To ensure a healthy and beautiful lawn, the installation and maintenance of an irrigation system is   important.  A proper watering schedule is required as too much or too little water can lead to brown spot and fungus. In times of drought, dry brittle grass can quickly turn brown.

New sod is prone to drying out. Frequent small amounts of watering are necessary to establish strong root growth.  Your irrigation system should properly disperse water to prevent lawn brown spots on new sod.

The answer is water. Even fertilizer won’t help your grass until it’s green and healthy again.  Once it’s healthy, fertilizer really helps it grow and establish the deeper root system it needs. So what it comes down to is more frequent irrigation cycles and possibly hand watering the brown spots during the day.

Have your irrigation contractor check the following when they service your system:

  • Have your irrigator clean filter screens and nozzles of heads.
  • Have crew test heads and replace those that need replacing.
  • Have irrigation technician check to make sure all nozzles have the same radius within a zone.
  • Have the technician adjust rotors so they are not watering pavement.
  • Call your irrigation company if sprinkler heads refuse to pop up, or the radius is insufficient, then a broken riser or fitting may be to blame.

So when you see lawn brown spots, remember that your lawn is asking for a drink. Contact your lawn specialist or irrigation contractor for assistance.

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